Invitation and Envelope Sizes



210 x 297mm

The same size as a regular piece of office photocopy paper



148 x 210mm

Two per A4 sheet

*Goes into a C5 envelope



105 x 148mm

Four per A4 sheet

*Goes into a C6 envelope



99 x 210mm

Three per A4 sheet

*Goes into a DL envelope

Large Square

148.5 x 148.5mm

Two per A4 sheet

*Goes into a 16cm envelope

Small Square

12.5 x 12.5mm

Two per A4 sheet

*Goes into a 13cm envelope


120 x 170mm

Two per A4 sheet

*Goes into a 5×7” envelope

Not all envelopes are Post Office Preferred (POP) and therefore some attract a higher rate of postage. If the article is too small, too big or too thick to fit through their automatic sorting machinery, you get charged extra so it can be hand sorted. If in doubt, check with your local Australia Post office.

Don’t fall for the old ‘make my invitations now and find an envelope to fit later’ trick. Envelopes come in standard sizes so you need to find the envelope first and make your invitations to fit. Don’t forget to make the invite a bit smaller than the envelope (at least 5mm all sides) so that it slides easily in and out. Allow extra if the invite is bulky as the thickness will take up some of the width.