Booked out for Custom Designs and all signs until 8th Dcember! Quick Invites still available

Clear resealable cellophane bags. Premium quality. Top quality. Many sizes available. Sold in packs of 100 or 500. Discount for bulk purchases. Seal King ,Made from polypropylene (BOPP).*

Use the tiny poly bags for candy, the larger ones to package hand made cards or to send your invitation instead of an envelope. Why not? Think of the magazines you get in the post in plastic bags! We have used this nifty trick ourselves often over the years. Especially for the butterfly cards. You don’t loose the effect when the invite arrives in a ‘clear envelope’.

Whatever your need, there’s a top quality Seal King brand, clear resealable cellophane bag of the right size!

The first measurement is the width and the second is the length. The flap that folds over and seals is in addition to the length measurement given. Remember that you’ll need to get a bag a little wider than what you intend to put into it so that it fits.

To work out the bag size you need, take a piece of string and place it around the widest part of the object to be placed in the bag. Meet the string end to end. Mark or cut where it touches then fold flat and measure. This gives you your width. Do the same with the longest part of the object. This gives you your length.