If you do decide to brave it yourself and go for the D.I.Y. option the power to you! Should you encounter any problems come time to print then why not let us help you? We can print from your PDF file in black or colour on stock you’ve pre-purchased or that we sell in store.

As we may not have the program you used to create your file and may not have your fonts, please bring in the files made as a high quality PDF for our use.

The PDF’s must already be set up on your A4. eg: if you want 4 invitations per page they need to be PDF’d that way, as we cannot edit placement on the PDF afterwards.
If you are unable to provide a PDF, still bring in the file on your pen drive. We are more than happy to see if we can still print it for you (if possible copy the fonts used onto the USB also). Please also bring in a print out on plain white paper so we can check it’s printing how you expect!

Please note that the printer has a 5mm non printable border on all for sides so don’t put any print up close to the edges.

If the files aren’t already set up to print and we need to do the setting up or fix the placement a $10 fee applies for every different file.

Certain types of stock (such as embossed papers) weren’t made to be printed on so if you’re struggling to find paper then our friendly staff will be able to recommend the best stock for the specific file you’d like printed.

Sometimes people have difficulty printing on translucent or metallic paper with their inkjet printer. Usually this is just because you need to play with the media print settings (it’s not always the one you expect!). But if it’s driving you crazy, either bring in the soft copy (instructions above) or provide us with a crisp, clean copy on plain white paper and we will laser photocopy it onto your stock for you.

We don’t print or cut on the weekends. And you may need to leave them overnight or for a few days depending how busy the shop is.


Sometimes it’s just the cutting that scares people (and we can understand why!). That’s why we offer a guillotining service however please read the instructions carefully BEFORE YOU PRINT!

Print Margins:
There is a 5mm non-printable margin on all printers, so make sure that there is no text or image that falls within this area. Also we recommend when designing your stationery to leaving a 5mm-1cm gap from any edges of your stationery to your text.

Cutting Sheet:
You’ll need to provide us with a cutting sheet so we know exactly where we are cutting. Print the lines that need to be cut for your job onto a separate piece of white office paper. This cutting sheet is then laid on top of your paper/card and we cut to those lines. So you will need a separate cutting sheet for all your different items if they are different sizes. Remember – print your actual files without any cutting or boundary lines on them!

Cutting sheet example
If your file has a border or image that goes all the way to the edge then your PDF must have bleed on it! This is an extension of the image/border that goes a minimum of 5mm-10mm over the edge of the document.
Bleed Advice
Please Note : We don’t print or cut on the weekends. And you may need to leave them overnight or for a few days depending how busy the shop is.