Paper Suitability

  • Some papers will be better suited to laser or inkjet printers. Textured paper may not allow laser toner to ‘set’ in the grooves as the heat rollers can’t reach the toner. Some inkjet printers cannot print on translucent stock. We strongly recommend making a test print first. Remember if you do encounter any problems we offer a PDF printing service. Follow the link for more information


  • Always check the ‘print preview’ to see that your copy fits on the page and test by printing on a plain sheet of paper, that is cut to size, before you print on your desired stock.
  • Make a mock-up of each item before printing the lot to ensure you get your measurements right and love your design.
  • Get someone else to “proof” your work before you print! Double check dates, phone numbers, addresses, etc.
  • Never hit the print button before you do a test print on the desired stock you intend to use! Even leave that print overnight to check it still looks great after being left for a while. And don’t leave your printer running without monitoring it.

Hand addressing your invitations

  • Practice before writing on your invitations – preferably on the same stock as your invitations.
  • Try not to do the whole task in the one hit – you’ll get cramp in your hand! It takes longer than you might think!
  • Make your hand addressing a feature by using a fancy pen and nice handwriting. Ask a friend to do it if necessary! Consider writing in a way that contrasts the font used for the invitation. e.g. bigger, capitals, etc.


  • Be aware that some larger letters may cost more to send. Look for the “POP” code which means Post Office Preferred and is therefore charged at the base rate.
  • If you are doing anything a little out of the ordinary with your invitations, make one and send it to yourself first to see what state it arrives in! Plaster decals and the like have a habit of getting crushed in postal machinery, however you can ask that your mail be hand-sorted which, although is no guarantee, will give them better chance of survival!
  • Write ‘Card only’ on the top, left hand corner of overseas invites. You’ll get a better postal rate as long as they weigh no more than 50g.
  • Always put a return address on your invitations. Australia Post cannot return an undeliverable article if there is no return address. Imagine how embarrassing it would be to have some guests not receive their invitation!